by Dieselharp

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Recorded and performed entirely on GarageBand. No real instruments were used. Intended as a songwriting demo.


released October 29, 2011

Written and performed/engineered by Dieselharp


all rights reserved



Dieselharp Tacoma, Washington

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Track Name: Dark Adapted Eye
Tossed and turned by your hand
Blunted by your blows
Questioning as if
Darkness only knows

Time has passed, nothing changed
But my prayers, maybe
Howling from the abyss
That stares back at me

And I still can't get to sleep
When will the wind subside?
It's been years and years

In the darkness, I see shadows
With my dark-adapted eye
Track Name: Mt. Winter
I saw you on the mountain
But I didn't know you then
I hid myself inside it
Just in time for winter time

You're breaking the earth
You're splintering the bones in my feet
I choke on the words
To this day I would not know your face

My heart still burns

Should I wrap my cut, cut wrists
With your fancy, fancy words?
Is that your fire burning
Or lightning in the sky?
Track Name: Vessel
Stranger lay on the floor of your bedroom
All stony and white
Someone said "I'm sorry" while you wept there
All tongues and no teeth

Sometime vessel, you don't have what it takes
Blackened blue-blood, you've had your day
Hours passing like paintings on a wall
Cut out my eyes and let me fall

Lay low while they're searching through your body
For honey and wine
They laugh as it walks to the gallows
Their innocence stays
Track Name: The Accuser
Quiet a while to meet the accuser
Take me down
The trials I've fought pushing me farther

My heart is black, the silence calls
No need for tomorrow
The secret surrender, clandestine fire
That brings me lower

I stand on the ground, not on the water
And will return
I don't believe sins are forgiven
Show me how

The world's my own
Not alone

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